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    500 Round Case of 5.56mm 77 Grain SMK OTM LR MOD-1 Razorcore Ammo Made by IMI With Free Shipping


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    IMI 77 grain 5.56 Razor Core ammo - This stuff is amazing high performance ammo. Maximize your AR15's potential with ammo that performs at the next level.

    Packaging print may vary, can be in brown 'Kraft' boxes or 'Shooting with the Best' packaging by IMI, however the ammo is the same. 500 round case of 5.56mm 77 Grain SMK OTM LR MOD-1 Razorcore IMI Ammo Made by Israel Military Industries for sale. The projectile is a 77 grain BTHP OTM Sierra Match King that is copper jacketed, lead core and non-magnetic. IMI ammo is regarded as some of the finest quality ammo made anywhere in the world and we are happy to offer this great ammunition to our clients. This is ideal ammo for AR15 rifles for tactical applications or hunting / match. IMI 5.56x45 77 grain ammo offers excellent accuracy with effective terminal performance and a price that is very affordable for a product of its class. The brass is annealed, the primers are boxer type, non-corrosive and sealed and crimped. Quality of this ammunition is excellent and the brass is good for reloading. If you are looking for high performance 5.56 ammo that is reasonable in price and provides reliable function in AR15 and other semi auto rifles then this is the ammo to get.

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