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    500 Round Can of 30-06 Springfield FMJ 150 Grain Prvi Partizan M1 Garand Ammo PP3006GMC - FREE SHIPPING


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    500 Round Can of 30-06 Springfield FMJ 150 Grain Prvi Partizan M1 Garand Ammo For Sale With Free Shipping.

    SKU #  PP3006GMC

    New Ammo in Mil-spec packaging. Brass Case, Boxer Primed, Non-corrosive, packed in an ammo can. This .30-06 Springfield caliber load has been made to similar specs as the original 30-06 M2 Ball load specifications. This is achieved by a slight reduction of operating pressure making this ammo safe for us in M1 Garand rifles reducing the risk of bent operating rods or more significant damage that can occur when using a full power 30-06 hunting cartridge. Buying into this fine ammo for your prized M1 Garand rifle also assures you new ammo quality, non-corrosive boxer primers, reloadable brass all at a low price per round that makes shooing affordable. Why trust questionable military surplus 30-06 ammo that is old and has been kept in unknown conditions for decades when you can get brand new ammo made for the .30 cal M1 Garand rifle for about the same price?



    TRZ load No.PP3006GMC   

    Bullet Wgt./Style150 FMJ   

    Ballistic Coeficient 0.401   

    Bullet Striking Velocity in FPS at Yardage Indicated

    Muzzle 2745   

    100      2522   

    200      2311   

    300      2120   

    Bullet Striking Energy in ft-lbs at Yardage Indicated

    Muzzle   2500   

    100        2121   

    200        1784   

    300        1488   

    Bullet Path Above / Below Sight Line

    100    0   

    200   -4.6   

    300  -15.3