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    1000 Round Case of 5.56mm 62 Grain Green Tip Federal American Eagle Ammo - XM855CSF - FREE SHIPPING


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    1000 Round Case of 5.56mm XM855CS 62 Grain Green Tip- Federal American Eagle AR-15 Ammo made by Lake City Made in the USA at Lake City Arsenal under contract by Federal Ammunition. 5.56mm green tip 62 grain Penetrator ammunition. With FREE SHIPPING

    This ammo is brass case, reloadable and non-corrosive. This ammo is loose packed 1000 rounds per box more or less up to 5%, 2 boxes per factory case. Keep in mind when purchasing this ammo that it is loose packed by the factory and count is determined by weight. Normally it is very close to 1000, but sometimes you will get a little more and sometimes you will get a little less than 1000. It will be close, but expect some variation within 5% from 1000 rounds per case